Is Bruffet Sicken of The Match Officials?

Windies scored 190 runs on the Evin Lewis’s bat. Though Windies scored 122 runs by 9 overs. Then lost their rest wickets by adding 68 runs. Bangladesh scored 65 runs from 4 overs.

Then lost other wickets unwisely. But the questioned No Ball was on the last ball of the fourth over of Oshane Thomas. According to the TV screen, that was the right delivery. beyond the doubt, it was a right delivery. but the question is, “Why Windies didn’t have a review?”

Proving in the reply, why the umpire didn’t change the No Ball decision. Umpire Tanveer Ahmed accused to the Windies. According to cricket law, players can only take the review of the decision of OUT.

But the decision to another such as No Ball, umpires call is the final. So according to this law, Windies couldn’t take the review of this. Second, came from the Match Referee Jeph Crow. He accused that Windies was not sure if it was No Ball or not.

Windies knew about it from their dressing room then they brought an objection to this umpiring. According to the law of ICC, none of the decision coming from the outside of the field isn’t applicable. As India tour, Steve Smith looked at the dressing room and opposed. Which was not granted too.

Though we got an answer to the argued decision. But here is a question to the qualification of our umpires. As we know Shakib Al-Hasan also conflicted with this Tanveer Ahmed.

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