Who is this Varun?

There is two name of the highest paid player for IPL 2019. One is Jaydeb Unadkat and another is Varun Chakrabarti. As Unadkat played last two season. But who is this 27 years old spinner, Varun?

Varun started playing cricket as ball-boy. He was more interested in picking ball behind the wicket. He came to the ground as he was 13. He practiced as wicketkeeper till he was17. As he was dropped from age-based cricket. Then he left cricket from huffs.

Then he started studying like a good boy. He was brilliant too. He achieved Architecture degree from SRM University, Chennai. The relation with cricket finished by this time. But he couldn’t erase the affection with cricket totally. He earned reputation with Tap Tennis ball.

come back in cricket

After completing his course, he started as Architect. After sometimes he realized this is not for him. It’s impossible for him to be confined to this rule. So he backed to cricket. Then he joined Chroambest cricket club. But this time he started as seamer all-rounder from wicketkeeper.

But again he became disappointed. He played only two matches. Actually one. He injured in the second match. Dropping for six months, he might think about the decision.

success came to him

Again he changed himself. He started as a spinner from Pacer. He attained fourth division league in Chennai. But this time he became successful. He picked 31 wickets at 8.26 average and 3.06 run rate. Also became maximum run scorer that year for Jubilee cricket club.

From this success, he practiced in IPL net. He was in Chennai Super Kings for four days. Former Aussie batsman Mike Hussy was pleased with him. Being enthralled KKR captain bought him to their net. Then played for Madurai Panthers in Tamilnadu premier league. He took 2 wickets for 9 runs in 4 overs in tournament final and contribute to winning the league. He proved his talent in hunting 22 wickets in Vijay Hazare trophy.

Mike Hussy called him mysterious spinner. His life teaches a lesson, “Never give up your dream.”

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