A long meeting was held just coming in the stadium. The final team for the third ODI should be decided in this meeting. Team Bangladesh comes in beautiful Sylhet International stadium circumambient with hills and tea gardens for the first time. In this ineffaceable beauty, there is some anxiety that team Bangladesh has to win this match becoming final.

This third ODI could be a formality if the second was won. Whatever they have to save their series. So the excitement of playing for the first time in Sylhet dominates the tension of the series. So another headache is utilizing the best eleven. If Bangladesh won the second than the team would be changed. But a simple difference in both. If the eleven will be changed when the team management will think, “Will it work?” The team management has to focus on openers which were a sweet problem a few days ago. They are not sweet now a very serious issue today.

Tamim Iqbal is an automatic choice, scoring a fifty in the last match. Actually, the issue is about the rest three openers- Imrul Kayes, Liton Das, and Soumya Sarker. Fantastic performer in Zimbabwe series Imrul Kayes scored only 4 runs in last two ODI. Soumya is 25. Scoring 41 and 8 in the last two Liton is a step ahead from them. But three of them should be tensed because captain Mashrafe indicated in the press conference, “Of course there will change in batting. Many things can happen. The alteration can happen. Everyone is concern about it.”

If one of four openers got slipped then Imrul could be on the side bench. If Tamim-Liton is the openers then where is Soumya? Team management kept him as the sixth position in the last two matches. This is not the perfect position for him, acknowledged Bangladesh captain, “There is no scope to claim that our decision is always right, it was then we would win every match. I said in first ODI that Soumya is perfect in opening or number three. He feels comfortable against pace and can utilize the circle properly. Actually, he has to bat in this position under this circumstances. It’s important to adopt there the sooner the better.”

If Soumya in the eleven, will he bat in the same position? Then Mashrafe replied his classic answer, “Of course it’s a matter of discussion. Invaluably I want, he opens on the bat in the third position. Unless there is no problem with left or right-handers. It’s important that where the specific player feels better. If you focus on the first match, if there was not left-right handers combination wasn’t issue then Imrul was the first choice. Scoring 350 runs in Zimbabwe series it’s difficult to keep him in the bench. It’s really difficult in our cricket culture. Soumya was in rhythm, scored runs in a crucial time in Asia cup at seventh position. Overall opening or number three is the best for Soumya rest is a matter of discussion.”

On the way of the dressing room after the press conference, Mashrafe indicates the probable bowling change too. But he does not agree with changing three pacers and two spinner combination. “If you monitored on last matches then the bowlers’ contribution was more. Of course, spin foxed up many things initially. And pace bowling was not so bad to blame for losing. Rather we won depending on pace.”

Mashrafe didn’t visit the wicket during a press conference. After the press conference, he visited the pitch and informed that Indian curator made the pitch for scoring around 250. Hope for a fighting match for today.

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