We have a silent killer

As we know team Bangladesh is some inch apart from winning treble for the first time. Initially lagged behind, they come back to the series based on the Shakib’s bat and finger. But there exists another contribution Mr. Silent Killer, Mahmudullah Riad. As he played an effective inning of 43 runs of 21 balls.
When Liton batting was ended and Mushfique got out by 120. Then the projected score was around 160 or something. Then he came and crossed the safety line of 200 runs. When Shakib or Mushfiqur was misbalanced in Kotrel Thomas’s pace then the most satisfying thing was scoring 3 boundaries in a row in Kotrels delivery. Mainly that predicts the high-score.

He supported captain till the last. Again it proves that building a partnership is more important than hard-heating. The mistake was made in the first T-20.
Let’s have a look Riad against Windies. He batted 8 innings against Windies in T-20. He has a 55.25 average with 126.28 strike rate.
Venue       Score      Calendar
Warner Park 21(27)   2009
Mirpur       64(48)        2012
Mirpur        1(3)            2012
Warner Park 35(27)     2018
Board Regional Park  13*(10)   2018
Board Regional Park  32*(20)  2018
Sylhet Stadium  12(19)  2018
Mirpur        43*(21)       2018
Another mentionable thing, he has 3 wickets for 23.66 average. As the scorecard, we can claim Windies as Mahmudullahs favorite opponent in T-20.

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