Mushfuqur Rahim

Eight franchises could buy 20 foreign players in IPL.  After calling name, none of these franchises wasn’t interested in this wicket-keeper batsman in IPL auction in Jaypur.

Two cricketers-Mushfiqe and Mahmudullah from Bangladesh was in the bid. Luc Ronnie was in the bid after Kings II Panjab bought this English opener Sam Karren for 7.2 crores Indian rupee. Franchises weren’t interested in him before calling Mushfiqur. Cameras were focused on the franchises. There wasn’t any expression to him.

Last time none of these weren’t interested in Mr. Dependable as his name came on the first day.

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh was sold in 2015 for 16 crores from the base price 2 crore, which is the record. But today he was sold for only one to Mumbai by the difference of two years. None of the franchise was interested in him in the first session. You may be realized that a performer is nothing without his performance.

He was the hero of India won world-cup 2011. In 2015 Delhi bought him for 16 crore record price from the 2crore base. In 2014 he was for 14crore. His price dropped after 1016. Though Hyderabad bought him for 7crore and continued for next year. in 2018 he played for Panjab for 2crore. This 37-year-old lefty all-rounder played for India in June of last year.

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