"Shakib is more than expectations"

Team Bangladesh is in front of a series-saving match tomorrow. Though Bangladesh won the series on August as they lost first ODI. Then came back properly. If they could be successful then the first treble will be for them by winning series in three formats.

There is a question of how will the wicket be? Every answer claimed this very unpredictable. As wicket in Mirpur acts differently by time. But Soumya expects something good. He excused as this wicket got to rest and curator had time to fix it.

Bangladeshi batsmen got dismissed, trying to pull, short balls. Then shortage in short-ball? Today Soumya was explaining the matter to the press representing his team. He claimed that they are not afraid of these short ball. He tried to this as their audaciousness of playing them coming forward. He also tried to focus on the hard heating. Though there exist a word short selection. But he emphasizes on timing and placement. Though wicket in Sylhet was excellent. It was not difficult to score 180-200. Windies batsmen proved it well.

Another reason could be an environment. As we know the Pacers can be dangerous like this type of weather. Bangladeshi batsmen have to be concern about it. Soumya Sarker informed they are concern about it. They are prepared for any type of challenge. As Bangladesh lost the first match Soumya believes that they have the ability to come back. But he acknowledged the opponent as World Champion in this format. But happily team Bangladesh have a recent memory of winning T-20 series against them.

A team that is in front of a treble by winning the test and ODI series. Though Bangladesh didn’t win treble yet. But the expectation will be for the best.




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