Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Cricketkhor!

Cricketkhor is pleased to serve you with its service. We reserve and have control over all the content of this site. So, it would be better for you to know our terms and conditions. By reading these, you may use this more effectively and understand your rights and also what not should be done.

Like the professional websites, www.Cricketkhor.com has its own terms and conditions. If you are using our service, you have to abide by these. We try to make the rules quite user-friendly. Now, read the whole statement and get a clear idea.

About the Terms and Conditions of Cricketkhor

These terms and conditions are applicable only to thewww.Cricketkhor.com. When the users are using this site, they must agree to the terms and conditions of this site. If you cannot agree with these, please leave this site. It is your own responsibility to know the rules of this site. As long as you will agree with us, we will provide our service and you will have the provided privileges to use this site.

We try to maintain the terms user-friendly. So, hope these will be helpful for you and will not difficult to follow these.

The Use of This Website Includes the Following Terms of Use

  • We can change or update our terms and conditions without giving any notice and any time.
  • If we make any error, we will make it right according to our rules. Using this site information is totally your own risk. Cricketkhor.com will not liable.
  • All the contents of this website are owned by Cricketkhor. We can use those content as our wish.
  • You can use this site’s content for your non-profitable use. But you have to take proper permission first.
  • If you do any illegal deed or violation of the terms and conditions, we will take proper action against it.
  • As an entertaining and sports news website, Cricketkhor will try to provide you with the best service and follow the laws strictly.
  • If you don’t read the terms and conditions of this site, any violation of rule will make you the only responsible.
  • If any part of the site seems uncomfortable to you, you can inform us. Because we are the only owner of this site and able to change any part according to our rules.
  • Cricketkhor.com will not take any responsibility for what you do with the third-party sites. Because we don’t have control over other sites.
  • We normally communicate with the users by using mail service. We don’t send any spam mail. You can contact us by sending mail [email protected] If you send any spam or illegal mail to us, we will take the proper step against it.

Copyright Notice

This website and all contents are copyright of www.Cricketkhor.com. All Rights Reserved.

Any type of copy or piracy of any part of the content in any form is not allowed.

  • Any person can print or download to his storage for his personal and non-commercial use only.
  • You can share the contents or their parts to the third party for their personal or non-commercial use, but only if you acknowledge the Cricketkhor.com as the source of the content.

The user cannot store any content in the other websites without taking any permission. The infraction of these terms will be considered as a matter of dispute which can be harmful to us and our services so can take action against it.

The Information We Collect

  • Name of the user
  • Location
  • IP address
  • Contact information including email address, contact number etc.
  • Other information relevant to customer surveys and offers.

You can also check the “privacy policy” to know more.

What We Do with the Information We Gather

www.Cricketkhor.com needs those information to know the user’s needs and provide the best service.

  • Work with data & record keeping.
  • We may need to contact our user for certain reasons.
  • Cricketkhor needs those information to improve our services.
  • By keeping the information, we may also use the information for market research purposes. We may contact them for this reason.

Cricketkhor doesn’t share the personal of the client with any party. Cricketkhor gives the user security-guarantee. So, don’t worry and enjoy our service.


Cricketkhor’s Privacy Policies are applicable to the www.Cricketkhor.com. To view our Privacy Policy, click here https://cricketkhor.com/privacy-policy/

By reading this, a user can learn about our privacy policy. You can also contact us to know more.

Advertising Material

For our business purposes, we can use the advertising materials. Those are only for business purposes. You can decide what to do with it. We will not bear any responsibility for those posts or services.

International Use

This website is operated from within Bangladesh. Cricketkhor takes no responsibly that this site is available outside of Bangladesh. Those who want to use this site at their own risk. They will also responsible for their actions.

Cookie Policy

You can check the cookie policy of this site in the “Privacy Policy” page.

Website Disclaimer

Remember that Cricketkhor only takes responsibility when there is no violation of the terms and conditions. All the rules are made for the users and our own betterment. If there will any violation of rules happen, only the user will take responsibilities for the violence.

Cricketkhor is able to link other sites as it wants. But Cricketkhor will not take any responsibilities if any occurrence happens with those websites.

Change of Terms of Use

Cricketkhor is the only authority of this site and reserves all the rights to make any change of terms of use. We only change the terms when we think it is necessary. We also take our user’s advice and try to serve them the best service.