Team India On A Safe Zone!

Team India on a safe zone now. They scored 215 for 2. Captain Virat Kohli (47) and Chetashwara Pujara (68) are leading India to a safe score in the first inning.

Team India lost their first wicket Honuma Bihari (8) at team score 40. Debuted opener Mynak Agarwal backed to the pavilion for 76 runs when the scoreboard was resulting 123 runs.

But Boxing Day is the headline for another news. It becomes a match beyond just cricket to humanity.

When Australia played against Pakistan in UAE last month. Then Coach Justin Langer ensure him for the India series. We are talking about Archie Schiller a 7 years old kid. Another amazing thing, he is the co-captain of team Australia. He went for the toss.

This cricket lover kid is suffering from complex heart diseases. At his first time surgery, he was three months old child. He was under the doctor’s knife for twelve times. Doctors said he needs more. But Archie Schiller wanted to be a cricketer. His dream is to lead Aussie cricket team.

A charitable foundation “Make a wish”, helps him to bring his dream to true. He got chance to practice with the team. He received “green baggy” from his ideal Nathan Lyon. His team-mates hand claps maybe inspired him much. He went to toss with Blazer like captain Tim Pain.

We hope team Australia will come back to the match inspiring from this little kid.

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