Purpose of the home series against Zimbabwe and Windies is to arrange a team for World-Cup. The number of experiments has happened to the purpose of world-cup.

Both captain and coach informed in October, the mentionable purpose of Zimbabwe and Windies series is to arrange a world-cup team. As both ODI series comes to an end. But there is a question. Did Bangladesh arrange world-cup team? The ledger of these two series will answer the question.

Shoumya is Better in Top Order

There is a question, Which one is for Soumya? Top order or lower middle order, more specifically No 7? As team management decided to play four openers then Shoumya got the position in the lower middle order. Though left-handers are comfortable using new balls and use 30 yards circle properly. Centuries against Zimbabwe and Windies (in the warm-up match) came from batting in no three positions. But there are no mentionable innings in no six or seven. It can be said that he is not perfect in the lower middle order, Mashrafe said many times, “Always I want Shoumya would open or bat in three unless there are no difficulties in left-right handers combination.” After last ODI in Sylhet team management may come to a decision that Shoumya is fit for top order.

Shoumya in another power heat

Then Who is Seventh?

Asia cup final in September or last Windies series, team management tried to fit Shoumya here. Then the question comes if Soumya is fit top order then who will bat in seven? Once coach Steve Roads said that he wants a pace bowling all-rounder to the purpose of world-cup. For this reason, he wants to ready Saifuddin. Well performing Saifuddin in Zimbabwe series didn’t get enough opportunity against Windies. Though he played yesterday couldn’t get batting. Then who will play in no seven? Leave the time to answer.

Saifuddin is celebrating a wicket

Miraz for Test in ODI Now

Miraz hunts 19 wickets from first two test. Starting a dream career, he continued the flow and got 84 wickets from 18 test. But in ODI he wasn’t such success as a test. Got only 4 wickets from first 5 ODI and 21 matches provide 20 wickets. But now he brought his variant to ODI too. He was a man of the match in the last test against Windies and in last ODI too. He spent a fantastic calendar on ODI. An off-spinner can bat in the lower order. So he could be a next dependable in the lower order.


Confusion for Imrul-Rubel

Imrul spent a dreamy series against Zimbabwe. 115, 90 and 144 in three matches 349 runs made him a man of the series. Ignoring such a performer is a crime so team management rewarded him giving an opportunity in first two ODI against Windies. But he couldn’t continue the rhythm to Windies series. Scoring 4 runs from two match he was on the bench at last. There is a confusion for unpredictable Kayes. Same confusion for Rubel too. Initially for injury then mismanagement he dropped from Zimbabwe series. But he couldn’t utilize the opportunity in Windies series. So tension rests for him.

They Are for Bench, Bench Is for Them

Ariful Haque, Nazmul Islam, and Abu Hayder spend maximum time in bench both series. Though they were tried in Zimbabwe series but totally dropped from Windies. In second match team management continued the first one and opposed to risk to the third. But team management has the opportunity to examine them. But it’s true that they could be used in the last home series.

Captain Mashrafe’s Statement

Mashrafe is happy. He won eighty present of home series in last three years. Captain’s observation is “There is some positive reason here. Miraz is in very good condition. Maybe team management didn’t expect as much he performed. Not only in the home he was in form in Windies too. Played well today also in Zimbabwe series. Shoumya is in a stable position. Imrul is near about. We have a team of 16-17 players. I think if everyone is fit and there is no accident then the maximum player will continue unless they got injured or performed worst. Only 7 ODI rests before World-cup. There is not much opportunity to change.”

As we can expect team-management tries to continue the winning combination. And also examine the benchers. If they become confident than anything can happen. Hope for the best.

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