India won the 1st test in Adelaide Oval, Adelaide by 6 by 31 runs. Player of the match was Cheteshwar Pujara. Now India is leading the series by 1-0 of four match test series. One interesting thing, India won test series less than this result only two times. But this victory is very special to the Indians because history will support the Aussies.

India tour in Australia many more times in last 70 years but won only six with the latest. Another interesting matter is this is the only victory for any visiting team in Adelaide in the last 18 years. Anyway, the Aussies never allow a single chance to their opponents till the last. So the main thesis is to rescue the series to 1-1.

But Perth is favorable for the fast bowlers historically. The condition may reassure Ricky Ponting to be confident. He said, ”I think Perth is more suitable for us than the Indians. But team Australia have to come back soon. They didn’t perform well in Adelaide though the difference is fewer. But, did India played their best? I’m doubtful. India is a good team. They know to win.”

Ponting thinks Australia have some positive things in Adelaide,” Australia can find a positive sign from this match. But much more improvement is needed and should focus on the faults.”

“I do not agree with to declare them worst by losing only 1st test. For this reason, he thought the team should be kept unchangeable. I think this is the best Australian cricket team” added best Aussie captain ever.

Finally, it can be predicted that team Australia will try hard to rescue the series. We can expect a fighting match in Perth the 2nd test on December 14th at 10:20 AM local time.




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