Rohit Sharma is confident to open in every IPL matches

Rohit Sharma is confident to open in every IPL matches in this season. The Mumbai Indians captain asserted his sayings to the reporter on the eve of the upcoming season.

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As Rohit Sharma remembered his initial batting position. “I have in the past batted in the middle order and I’ve opened also in a few games so wherever the team requires me to bat I have to bat to get the right balance”
And added, “But this year, I will open the batting for all the games, that is for sure. That (World Cup) is one of the factors but also keeping in mind that this is where I bat, that is my position when I play for India and that is where I have got a lot of success of late. “

“The team does understand that, and as a team also the composition of the players we have right now, we’ve got some experience in the middle order so that allows me to go and bat at the top of the order. This season I’ll try and do that – open in every game possible”

Zahir Khan is hopeful to use the experienced


Zahir Khan is hopeful to use the experienced, “The kind of experience he (Malinga) brings to the table is immense not only with his bowling but also in the game situation. It’s a relief for Rohit also and for the other bowlers who trust the experience and the valuable advice he brings. Because as a coaching staff you can plan things but when the game is happening and you’re in a real-time situation and someone is pro-active, it makes a huge difference in terms of decision-making”

The Pacer added also, “What is going to be crucial for us this season is to have the emphasis on decision-making which decides the outcomes of matches in the pressure scenarios”

And conclude with praising Yuvraj Singh, “Bringing in Yuvraj in the squad has been a boost because of the match-winning ability he has. In our discussions leading up to the auctions, we had identified that we need experienced batsmen who can control the game in the middle. Since Rohit has decided to open, we need that experience in the middle order and who’s better than someone like Yuvraj Singh”

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Therefore, Rohit Sharma is confident to open in every IPL matches and acknowledged is as the preparation for World Cup-19.

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