Ricky Ponting believes Australia is the favorite on World-Cup 19.

Ricky Ponting believes Australia is the favorite on World-Cup 19. Though Australia won 4 matches from last 26 matches, Assistant Coach Ricky Pointing believes them favorite.

Australia’s recent perform


Confidence! Who can be more confident from Ricky Ponting the winning Captain of Australia team on 2003 and 2007? He is the most run scored of Australia Cricket history on the three formats of cricket. So Ricky Ponting tries to spread his confidence level to the Tim Pains.

As Australia has the worst time on their home. India harassed them in the extreme in the both ODI and test series. Under the coaching of Justin, Langer Australi won the only a couple of matches from 11 matches. Though he acknowledged this is a difficult job but have the confidence to keep the trophy to them.

Ricky Ponting


As Ricky Ponting believes Justin Lander has a difficult job, “ I think it’s been as hard on him as it possibly could be just because of the situation Australian cricket has found itself in with some senior players being out, a lot of changes happening internally,”

“Knowing what Justin is like as well, I’m not . . . well, I will say it, he’s a bit of a control freak. He wants to make sure that everything is exactly how he wants it to be and that’s the way it should be as the head coach of the Australian cricket team. You should have everything lined up the way you want it. He’s just come into the job at a really difficult time.

“That’s what makes it even more exciting for me to get in and get my hands dirty and help him out as much as I possibly can. We are great mates. We know each other really well. We’ll work really well together, I’m sure if he can put up with me. But no doubt it’s been tough, but I think I’ll be able to take a bit of that workload away from him when I get involved as well.”


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Therefore, Ricky Ponting believes Australia is the favorite on World-Cup 19 but he acknowledged this is a quite difficult job to the coach.

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