As India won the Adelaide test but Kohli didn’t score well. Maybe he is revenging in Perth. Losing 2 wickets by 8 runs in the initial session India was suffering terribly. Then Kohli managed the disaster and Rahane’s company continued to rest. India scored 172 for 3 after stamping day two. Though India lagged 154 from Aussies with seven wickets for next.

Australia got all-out in scoring 326 runs in the first session. Then India lost their two openers Murly Bijay and Lokesh Rahul by 8 runs only. Then captain Kohli saved India from the pressure. It was a simple equation that pacers will rule in the grassy wicket. But Aussie captain used Nathan Lyon from an end.

So it didn’t take time to lose the pressure from Kohli and Rahane at all. Especially it seems that they are batting at their home condition. There was a lot of natural discussion about this pace friendly wicket before starting. So team India uses four pacers but Australia has three. Experts thought that this will be the contest of pace. But pain used four bowlers and Lion bowled much more.

India batted 69 overs today. Lion bowled 22 oversown. Though he bowled economically but got off the wicket wasn’t pleased to him. Michel Stark got the wicket of Cheteshwara Pujara (24) and Bijay (0). Josue Hazelwood had Lokesh Rahul. Then Pujara-Kohli partnership continued for 74 runs. And rest was managed by Kohli-Rahane partnership. The stamps for today with a partnership of 90* runs and a smiley face.

Kohli leaves with a forecast of 25th test century. Scored 82 from 181 balls. Rahane is in 51 from 103 balls. It’s not excess to predict that they will rule the Aussies tomorrow.

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