Mohammad Hafeez is more comfortable as an opener

Pakistani batsman, Mohammad Hafeez is more comfortable as an opener on Pakistan’s jersey. Despite Mohammad Hafeez batted in opening since two years ago but confident to do well in the position as well.

Mohammad Hafeez and his batting position

Mohammad Hafeez batted in opening in a Pakistan’s away ODI series against Australia in January 2017. But Mohammad Hafeez has rather been impressive in the middle-order position four to seven. Accordingly, He has been averaging over 37 runs, which is almost four runs better than his career’s, while his strike rate has seen a jump of 10 runs from his overall to 86. Despite being more successful in middle-order, Mohammad Hafeez would go back opening the innings.

Mohammad Hafeez replied to a question of his batting comfort in the middle order position, “Not really. I am an opener and want to play as one. This team management had asked me to play an anchor role at number four because we have new openers who are growing and playing well. I play for the Pakistan team and try to fit in the role which is offered to me.”

The 38-year-old right-hander made a 37ball unbeaten 57 runs against India in the Champions Trophy final at number five and became unbeaten 71 off 63 to anchor Pakistan’s chase of South Africa’s 266 at Port Elizabeth at number four earlier this year. Further console date his credentials as a middle-order batsman.

Mohammad Hafeez is more comfortable as an opener
Mohammad Hafeez is more comfortable as an opener

Hafeez explained his versatility

As Mohammad Hafeez explained his versatility with the batting position, “I am not a one-dimensional player. I believe I can play every kind of innings. On many occasions, in my career, I have delivered in tough and pressure situations. Since I have played as an opener for 16-17 years since the start of my career, it becomes very difficult to go down the order. I always want to have more overs so I can take upon the responsibility and win matches for Pakistan.”

Then continued his explanation, “There’s a lot of talk on it. But, I deny this notion. According to me, you have to play a good inning which should dominate the opposition after you have settled. You don’t win matches by slogging. Rather you have to build an innings for which, I feel, we have all the resources. The boys have the sound technique and have the right talent which is being groomed. I feel we have all that is needed [in the batting department] to click in the tournament.”

Experienced Pakistani batsman ensured his fitness and conclude with, “I have fully recovered now. I am getting the time, required to get back into the fold after an injury, and within a week I will be able to play full matches.”

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Therefore, Pakistani batsman, Mohammad Hafeez is more comfortable as an opener on Pakistan’s jersey. Hope Mohammad Hafeez will do well in his comfort zone.

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