Is Bruffet Sicken of The Match Officials?

As Bangladesh was an inch apart from winning the treble. But this time the hot cake topic is about a No-Ball. When Bangladesh won both Test and ODI series against them. By this time Windies played like World-champion.

Bruffet was strict till the last, “Fine will come if you don’t stand for equity that means you support the inequity. If I will be punished, I’ll accept it willingly. But I had to stand to my teammates. As I’m the captain, I had to obtest for them.”

Buffett thinks that this embarrassing situation makes them stronger. But he acknowledged that he had to get the right decision at that time. First of all, we tried to understand why this type of decision was called. Then what law is saying? If you changed the decision according to the law then we ended the match willingly. Though it hasn’t happened.  Bruffet thinks it becomes a blessing disguise to them. Every player came back to the game seriously.

Bruffet accused the match officials too. “Personally I met match referee. I’m with the team from ODI. But every 50-50 decision was for the hosts. I’m not accusing anyone of cheating. Everyone is professional. I’m not saying they did it willfully. I was just expressing my logic to the match referee. Said that every 50-50 decision was against us. Balls have been Red or White. But maximum decision harmed us.”

finally, Bruffet’s distraction came to the light at the last. As the related should focus on his charges. I think BCB never wants to arrange this type of questioning series.

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