Injury sends Smith to home

Injury send Comilla captain Steven Smith to home from BPL. As he get injured on his elbow in the practice that made him to fly for home.

As we came to know his injury became serious in the staging BPL that prevented him from regular practice. Though he lead Comilla Victorians for both match. But he decided to sacrifice the tournament for a while.

Steven Smith will fly for some diagnosis to know how serious the matter is. But we came to know the ache is nothing to worry about. The Comilla Victorians officials hope that he will come back after some checkups. Smith is going to miss two matches through this. So injury sends Smith to home

As BPL is the first platform to come back after being banned for ball tempering scandal in Cape Town in the last march. So he was eagerly awaited for this league. On the other hand, BPL governing body had to modify their rules and regulation for this Aussie batting sensation. So his absence might afflict the Comilla Victorians officials.

At his absence the match on the 11th and 13th January against Rajshahi Kings and Chittagong Vikings another face will lead Comilla. Former Captain and icon player Tamim Iqbal can be the replacement as captain.

Comilla fan might be afraid of hearing the information. Though the seriousness of the injury alleviate their anxious. They might pray for safe return of this Australian.

Though Injury sends Smith to home but every Comilla fan expect this Aussie to the BPL. So best wishes for Smith, get well soon.

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