He is not an artist, he is an example

Batsman Rahul Dravid has never been an artist, he is an example. But he was the purest batsman on the history of cricket. He played a shot according to the description on the cricket manual. His consistency made the task easier for the coaches. So he was the favorite student of any coach. Rahul can be the exact example to teach how to play cover drive or what is the position of the back foot during defending a ball and so on.

Initial cricket cricketer life

When he was a thriving cricketer then India was shaken up to world cup victory. Dravid family was not apart from it. Rahul’s father was very much inspiring too. His performance brought him to the Junior cricket.

But he debuted in first-class cricket in 1991. As the captain of under 19 teams was debuted in the national team in 1996 through Singer Cup against Sri Lanka. Before got beaten to Muralidharan Rahul scored only three and four on the next match against Pakistan.

Though his debut in ODI was not something mentionable. But Rahul apprised his class in the test. Coming to bat at seventh, he batted six hours on the second match of that series with another debuted Saurav Ganguli in the Mecca of cricket, Lords and picked a lead of 95 runs. As Rahul was a regular performer in the test but there wasn’t the mentionable performance in ODI. But this Dravid has a got gifted power of adoption. So at the end of the career, he collected thirteen thousand tests and ten thousand ODI runs after Sachin Tendulkar.

Rahul Dravid is a brand

If you say his mentionable innings then you have to remember Kolkata test against Australia. There is no such example to win a test from follow-on. Doesn’t it sound like a fairytale? Though his 180 runs innings was covered by Laxman’s double century.

In 2004, Rahul Dravid made a double century and a fifty in a match. That brought them the man of the match and series. India made the series draw which was the first victory against Australia in their home.

Rahul Dravid becomes the India captain in 2005. Before finished it on 2007 he tossed for India on 25 tests and 79 ODIs. 8 tests and 42 ODI Victory were not too much. He won the test and ODI series in Pakistan with the double century that was the man of the series too.

His captaincy brought test series against Windies in their venue after 35 years and England’s home after 21 years.

Rahul Dravid has the fourth highest test run with 13288 runs from 164 matches with around 53 average. He was 111 runs apart from the eleven thousand runs club from 344 matches. He has 36 century and 63 fifties in the test. Though Rahul has 12 ODI centuries and 83 half centuries. How consistent a player can be!

Record book has many things from Rahul Dravid

Rahul faced 31258 balls in international cricket none of the batsman touched the thirty. He saw 453 falls off the wicket from the non-striking end. That is another record. He made century partnership 88 times and half-century 126 times. Which is another world record. His 210 test catch declared his delicacy in fielding. These records are enough to explain why Rahul Dravid is called “The Wall” in the cricket

Rahul Have a rare record of scoring double centuries in three test series in a row against New Zealand Australia and Pakistan. Another mentionable thing is these three of them was away series. His century against Bangladesh in Chittagong made him first batsman of scoring centuries against every test playing nation.

On this day, 1973 these most passionate and classic batsmen was born in a typical Indian middle-class family. Wish him a happy birthday to this pure cricketer of the history.

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