Do You Believe in Curse?

Scoreboard ensures Bangladesh lost the match for 50 runs. But Cricket is not a game for the scoreboard. Sometimes it happens mentionable in this gentleman’s game. As Bangladesh clamored a rightful No-Ball in Nidahas Trophy, but today Bangladesh witnessed an unpleasant No-Ball. But we can’t blame the whole team for the mistake of Umpire Tanveer Ahmed. As team Bangladesh captured Windies batting in the last. On the other hand, team Bangladesh started a very good starting. The die-heart supporter can obviously blame this decision for the curse to the next.

If you are a secular then you must believe that this unpleasant moment changed the whole moment of the match. Windies came back to the match fantastically. When Bangladesh crossed 60 runs by 4 overs. Then Team Bangladesh lost three top orders in adding 2 runs. Then Bangladesh becomes 66 for 4 from 65 for 1. The whole thing inspired them to come back to match. Its mentionable thing that their celebrations expressed something more than it.

At last Bangladesh packed for the pavilion in 140 from 17 overs. Scoring 22* (17) Abu Hider tried to reduce the difference of loss. Liton scored 43 from 25, Miraz 19 from 19 and Mahmudullah 11 from 9. Rests couldn’t cross the 2 digits line.

When Windies batsmen scored 122 for 2 wickets from 9 overs. Then they lost rest 8 in adding 78 runs. This success of bowlers inspired the batsmen too. Batsmen continued the flow to the batting.

Finally, we maybe don’t believe in curse but have to believe that an unpleasant moment can change the momentum. Umpire doesn’t have to fine for any wrong decision but Tanveer Ahmed can’t contradict to this fault.

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