India head coach Ramesh Powar has accused Mithali Raj of ‘blackmailing and pressurising coaches’ apart from causing division in the team during the recently-concluded World T20 in the Caribbean, in a 10-page report written to BCCI CEO Rahul Johri and General Manager of Cricket Operations Saba Karim.

“I hope Mithali Raj stops blackmailing, pressurising coaches and also stops putting her interest first than team’s,” Powar wrote in the report. “I hope she will look at the bigger picture & work towards betterment of the Indian women’s cricket.”

The report includes Powar’s observation of each member of the team. However, almost half of it is reserved specifically for Mithali. He even accuses her of putting her selfish interests ahead of the team.

“(She) ignored her role and batted for own milestones. Lack of keeping the momentum going which was putting extra pressure on other batters,” he added.

He also made the observation of how she was allowed to open the innings against Pakistan only due to the pressure from the selectors, something that Mithali had mentioned earlier to be her resort when in disquiet for being asked to play in the middle order.

“Against Pakistan, to save the positive team environment, we opened with Mithali Raj due to pressure from travelling selector and Mithali’s threatening behaviour (retirement) to go back home if not given a chance to open the innings,” Powar wrote.

“After Pakistan game, she was moving around with an attitude. Making her own group with selected few players sitting away from the team. As a head coach, I was very disappointed and saddened to see legend like her dividing a team in two groups.”

Earlier, on Tuesday, in letter from Mithali to Johri and Karim, she had mentioned about her issues with the coach and the indifferent treatment that she received from him. In reply to Powar’s report, Raj tweeted:

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