Final Teams for IPL-19

At the end of 40 overs, one team scored 191 for 3 another 189 for 6. 1st one is team Bangladesh second is Windies. The interesting face of the last match. Bangladesh lost the match. They missed the match in last 10 overs both batting and bowling.

Today captain Mashrafe came to the press conference to express his determination to win the series, winning last ODI. But the discussion was about last 10 overs in both innings. Proper utilization could celebrate the series.

As Bangladesh was in very good condition but they scored only 64 runs in last 10 overs. When Bangladesh enters into the deaths then Shakib and Mahmudullah were almost set in. Both were in 29* runs. Though Shakib lugged the team till 47th over but Mahmudullah, Soumya and Liton Das fall away to another end. That suffered much.

Another despondency in bowling. They bagged 6 wickets in 186 by 39 overs. But the condition was spoiled in death overs. Though Shakib spends 4 runs in 2 overs Rubel 20 in 2 overs and Mustafiz 25 in 3 overs scupper the match. Though Mashrafe used 5 bowlers in the last 10 overs this variation didn’t work.

At the beginning Mashrafe explained the bowling, “Actually many things depends on pace. Pace of variation. There is a plan. We are using four bowlers till 40 50. If you notice from Windies tour, as I was bowling till 45-46th. Shakib continued more, like 49th over. Actually it depends on circumstances. But best thing is using Mustafiz from an end. Rubel is our another good bowler also in the last. In Windies tour, in Asia cup; Rubel was our best bowler. Actually, it’s important to keep the best bowlers who have pace and variation in last overs. From this sight, they come first. If you consider death overs from 40th then noticed we use four sometimes five usually.”

It’s clear in Mashrafe’s explanation that there is no need of changing the bowling plan. Probably tomorrow Bangladesh will be seen to handle the last 10 overs in the same way. But it’s clear in Mashrafe’s statement that some strategic change in batting, “If you think about the last match then we didn’t think batting will reach Miraz. As two set batsman is batting, Soumya and Liton are waiting. But circumstances change later. We had to bat in 46-47 overs. There is something to calculate how we use last overs in batting. Usually, that’s happened, it’s good for us if we have Riad at that time and Shakib is fantabulous. Shakib played like this last match. The pressure was created by Soumya and Liton’s Wicket. And they bowled well, we couldn’t use that opportunity. They have pace variation. Our experience was not at that level to face their bowling. In a whole, it was a difficult task. If Riad, Soumya, Liton batted well this could be easier.”

Finally, it’s easy to predict that both team never give away the match in the unannounced final of three-match ODI series in Sylhet at 12 PM local time.

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