Brendon McCullum Thinking about Retirement

Brendon McCullum retired from international cricket on 20th February 2016. He was playing in IPL from the beginning. But this year one of the shocking news can be his remaining unsold. As he was continuous of-form, none of the franchises was interested in him. Maybe this influenced him to retire from this franchise leagues.

In 2008 Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challenger Bengaluru played first match in the history of IPL. He scored 158 runs from only 73 balls. Which actually is one of the best innings in cricket history. This Kiwi superstar teaches the cricket-community what T-20 cricket is. In recent IPL auction, none of the franchises was interested in this hard heater batsman. Then he can be huffed on it.

In 11 season of IPL, McCullum played for franchises like Kolkata Knight Riders, Royal Challenger Bengaluru, Kochi Tuskers Kerala, Gujrat Lions, and Chennai Super Kings.

But we couldn’t saw McCullum as him in last season. He scored 127 from 6 matches. So Bengaluru left him this season and another was not interested in him. He stated, “I’m very much lucky to play 11 seasons in IPL. This is the time to think about playing another role in cricket.”

He didn’t forget to wish good luck to other Kiwis in the IPL, “I’m very happy to find many Kiwis in IPL this season. It’s a natural thing. I’m not worried about it. But you don’t know what is awaited in the future.”

Lahore Kalandars also crossed off the agreement last year. McCullum might be mastiff for this. Another notable thing that he didn’t well in last BPL for Rangpur Riders. There is a mentionable thing that it’s time to say goodbye to franchise leagues too.

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