“Ask others, I don’t have their answer”

Is Shakib little bit annoyed at? Some people can’t hide their expression. Maybe Shakib belongs to this team. He came. He was in the headline for talking something unpleasant.  But he can say straight cut.

Another captain, for example, Mashrafe, he tries to hide the mistakes. He tries to say it’s a matter of one match. Making Mistakes in a match is not everything.

But Shakib believes in a different philosophy. He thinks the mistake is a mistake. You have to acknowledge first if it’s for a match. Diagnosing comes before treatment. What Shakib would tell to the press? It’s the only factor of imagination. He didn’t come to the press briefing before and after the match.

Yesterday he sipped for pain on his leg. But today? Maybe pain on his heart. Batting coach MacKenzie came to the press instead of captain. MacKenzie was asked, “Why batsmen got listen from losing the first three wickets initially. Got out in the same way? And the mistake was not providing enough company to Shakib.” MacKenzie found two cause. One is playing T-20 and overconfidence.

MacKenzie doesn’t think Caribbean bowlers bowled something exceptional. None of these bouncers seemed dangerous to him. The mistakes were in short selection.

Caribbean batsmen proved that wicket hasn’t any fault for hosts batting disaster. They won the match with 55 balls on their hand. They reached to the new record of having maximum balls in hand. The match was scheduled to start at 4 PM. But the match was finished before its 4.

Shakib’s batting is reporting to the wicket. He had 8 boundaries and 2 over-boundaries. Rest 10 had 7 boundaries in total.

Shakib avoided the press briefing but had to come to the prize giving ceremony. Disappointedly he said, “ everything was a mistake except winning the toss. We couldn’t bat well and also batting. The wicket was very good. We need to score 175 at least. Ask another batsmen why they failed to score. I haven’t their answer. What I’ve just said nothing was in our favor. Plans didn’t work. We have to learn a lot from this match”

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