Andre Russell wants to bat at fourth for the team needs

Kolkata Knight Rider’s all-rounder Andre Russell wants to bat at fourth for the team needs. Accordingly, the Caribbean batting monster usually comes to bat at sixth position on the KKR’s jersey.

Andre Russell the “Death Over’s Danger”

For the sake of utilizing death overs. Russell scored at least 45 though only being sent in to bat at No. 5, 6 or lower. For many times, the Caribbean star has pulled off improbable victories for KKR despite being faced with monumental asking rates. And Russell is the team’s leading run-scorer this season with a tally of 377. He added fuel to the fire with his words, and a gesture, before quickly dousing it with diplomacy as well.

Andre Russell understands for changing the batting position for the sake of team needs, “I believe that. Honestly, you have to sometimes be flexible as a team. When you look at the make-up of our team, I wouldn’t mind going to bat at No. 4.”

The explained his realizations as well. “Because I believe that once I’m at the crease. Virat Kohli will bowl the best bowlers to get me out. And those best bowlers will, therefore, have fewer overs remaining in the back end. So even if I score 60 off 25 balls and give the team the early pump, then the type of bowlers like Dale Steyn will have only one over to bowl at the death, or they maybe are even bowled out. So, I think me going to bat early would definitely be good for KKR, but with our make-up as a team, I don’t think it’s a good time, at the moment. Because for me to bat in the back-end and know what I can do in four or five overs but..”

Then the Caribbean superstar continued again, “(But) to go out there and chasing 14-15 per over, it’s not the best way you want to start as a batsman. I used to these situations, but why I say it’s a sweet and sour feeling is because we need to learn from this as a team. We need to learn that we can get 214. And to lose by 10 runs, well, we were just two hits away. In the middle period, if we batted faster, we would definitely get the runs with even balls to spare. Well batted to Nitish, but this is something of concern.”

Andre Russell wants to bat at fourth for the team needs
Andre Russell wants to bat at fourth for the team needs

Russell explained their capacity in IPL

Kolkata Knight Riders all-rounder explained the capacity of them in this season of IPL. “We have to go and regroup again and have meetings about these things and discuss what to do at the right time. One over can make a big difference in T20 cricket. So, I disappointed. Now we are under pressure and now we need to play catch-up cricket. I hope we can learn from this partnership we had – between Nitish and me – and I hope we can give the other guys the belief that doesn’t matter if we’re chasing 220, we still can do it.”

Russell ensured his braver for selecting a power shot in the tough conditions, “I’m not afraid to get out. In the past few years, I have been playing for KKR, and even when I just joined Delhi… to be in a team. Where you’re wondering if you’re going to play the next game, that’s the mindset that affected me. I think what I am doing now, I could have been doing this three-four years ago. But every game I play[ed], I was wondering ‘oh, I have to score a fifty, I have to score runs, I have to get wickets; if I don’t I’ll be on the sidelines because you have four-five good international players waiting.”

The 30 years old Caribbean monster explained his own statement and conclude with, “But I’m not afraid to get out, you know. This is cricket, it won’t be the first and the last. So that clear mindset that I have has allowed me to do what I am doing now and I just hope it can continue and I hope I can do as much as I can to get KKR into playoffs and we can go all the way and win this tournament”

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Therefore, Kolkata Knight Rider’s all-rounder Andre Russell wants to bat at fourth for the team needs. Hope Andre Russell will continue his form in the IPL-19 and continue it on the ICC World Cup-19 as well.

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